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  • How To...Graduate in Style

    November 15, 2018

    So you’ve finally made it.

    Third year is behind you and the long anticipated graduation ceremony is just around the corner. Now all that remains is facing the dreaded task that is deciding what to wear.

    But don’t you worry, whether it be for an undergrad summer ceremony or a post-grad winter occasion, here at Frederick Thomas London we’re here to insure you look your best!



    First of all, congratulations! The all-nighters, last minute panics and mental breakdowns were worth it.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and you don’t want that all important graduation photo to be a constant reminder on your mum’s mantelpiece of an outfit you didn’t feel great in.

    The pressure to look good on your graduation is immense - I mean, this is the last time you will see a lot of your peers and you definitely want to make a lasting impression!

    So here are a few ideas and outfit inspirations, allowing you to see the light at the end of the mens attire filled tunnel.



    There are two key steps to nailing your graduation look, the first being to see your outfit as two completely different looks. One with the gown and one without, something to take you from center stage to after ceremony bar celebrations.

    To all of my unfortunate friends out there with horrendous university colours, this one’s for you!

    For those unlucky enough to have colours such as brown and yellow incorporated into their gowns (I’m so very sorry), tie choice is key. Thin ties are a great way to keep a suit looking young and trendy, with a muted colour or pattern being an ideal choice. Herringbone, dogtooth and pin dots in colours like grey and navy are all perfect for this - keeping the look interesting but insuring there is no clash!



    If patterns aren’t your bag, then maybe try a brighter coloured plain tie, for you summer celebrators or a knitted tie for all you Winter graduates.

    As tempting as a plain black tie might be - definitely avoid it! Not only is it incredibly overdone, but it will probably just get lost in your gown.

    Now the ‘first outfit’ is sorted, the ‘second suit’ is where things get more exciting.

    Playing with your accessories here is a must and this is where the second key way to nailing your graduation look comes into play. Graduation after all is all about you, so the golden rule is to make sure that your suit makes you feel comfortable, confident and reflects you as a person!

    Whether you were social sec of a sports team team, president of the chess club or you just really like the colour pink - here at Frederick Thomas London we’ve got the accessories for you to make your suit your own. Personalised letter cufflinks are always a winner or perhaps even a brightly coloured or patterned pocket square and a lapel pin - as included in our Graduate Sophisticate set.



    So there are some of our top tips on how to approach dressing for this graduation season.

    You’ve worked hard to get here, so regardless of what you wear - enjoy your day!

    Still feel like you need more inspiration? Check out our website for all our other sets! They encompass these tips and take the stress out of matching pieces together. However, if something else on our site has caught your eye, use code STUDENT20 now for 20% off our entire website until 30.11.18!



    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.


    Written by Laura Ines Wilson

  • Do you match or clash?

    November 14, 2018

    Are odd socks your signature look? Or is head to toe coordination more your type of thing? Whether you match or clash, your tie and pocket square combo can say a lot about you! So make sure your suit accessories say what you want them to say about you! As always, Frederick Thomas London are here to help you answer that all important question, do you match or clash?



    Match or Clash?





    Matching your tie with your suit accessories, such as a pocket square, is a traditional and timeless look. Colour coordination is a classic for first timers, simple but effective. But if you're feeling more adventurous, corresponding patterned accessories can have a big impact. This well-established look is ideal for weddings and special occasions, showing exceptional effort. If you enjoy the matching look then we've got you covered! We have a wide range of harmonious accessories, from box sets to matching Fleur de Lis, Floral, and Polka Dot accessories! Here are a couple of our favourite Frederick Thomas London sets:


    Knitted Ties with Matching Pocket Squares



    Our collection of beautiful knitted ties and pocket square sets come in a range of colours. From bright pink and blue for a sophisticated night on the town, to more muted greys and blacks for a professional office look. Check out the rest of our matching ties and pocket square sets HERE.


    The Business Set



    Our Business Set Box Set is perfect example of polka dots at their finest. Smart and sophisticated - a perfect match!


    The Skull Set



    Just because it matches doesn't mean it has to be boring! Our matching skull set features our Pink Skull Tie, Silver Skull Cufflinks and Skull Lapel Pin - perfect for a more trendy and fun look. Browse the rest of our skull collection HERE.


    If co-ordination is key, then check out our brand new Frederick Thomas London Box Sets. With new sets being added all the time you'll be in your element!





    If the matching look is a bit too traditional and boring for you, then you'll love our perfectly clashing looks! Check out our blog on Dressing with Sprezzatura - the art of dressing carelessly for even more inspiration and top tips!


    Spots and Stripes



    Spots and stripes are a classic in clashing, the contrasting patterns work well to create a careless look. Featuring our Frederick Thomas London Turquoise Green Polka Dot Tie and Multicoloured Striped Pocket Square.


    Silk and Tweed



    The contrast between silk and tweed can create a bold and beautiful look . Silk is a delicate and soft material, while tweed is heavy and coarse. They can make a big impact when they are worn together. Featuring our Frederick Thomas London Silk Pink Paisley Pocket Square and Chocolate Checked Tweed Tie.


    Never too many Patterns!



    A variety of clashing patterns is a perfect way to break the rules. Especially with our Frederick Thomas London Four Corner Patterned Pocket Square, each corner has a different pattern to ensure maximum clashing! Pair with our Pink Floral Cotton Tie for a weird but wonderful look.

  you match or clash?



    Mix or match your favourite Frederick Thomas London accessories here: Shop Now!


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.


    Written by Emily Watson

  • One Suit, Five Ways

    November 8, 2018

    Ever look back at your timeline to see a dismal array of navy suits and red ties? Want to stand out from the crowd, without spending your rent money? With the bank of mum and dad finally closing its doors, ties definitely aren’t at the top of the new purchase list - despite being stuck with just one suit to get you from graduation to full time work.

    However, never fear, as Frederick Thomas London are here to help update your suit game, without sending you into your overdraft.



    Here at Frederick Thomas London we know the student struggles, suits are expensive, pints aren’t - it’s an easy decision. But you don’t need multiple suits to get you through the week as long as you have the right ties and accessories.

    When taking on the role of a business tycoon, looking perfectly polished is almost as important as having the brains that keep the empire running. But where to begin when establishing one’s business wardrobe accessories?

    To help you on your quest, we’ve created three custom boxes to help form the basis of your business wardrobe, as well as offering you 20% off on the rest of our website (read until the end to get the code!). Truly enabling you to have one suit and five looks, ready for a full working week!


    Back to Basics: The Suit Virgin Set


    In order to enhance your style for less, a few key basics are needed, easily achieved with our Suit Virgin Set.



    Knitted Ties are this season’s must have and are a guaranteed way to make you stand out amongst the crowd. The relatively neutral pattern, pop of colour and intriguing texture of this navy knitted tie with pink polka dots will be sure to turn a few heads, whilst not being ‘too out there’ for those new to the knitted game. Pair it with a pink silk pocket square and a tie clip , and you will be the height of sophistication. These extra details will transform your suit from business casual to more formal attire - a simple and easy day to night look. And remember gents, real men wear pink, so don’t be afraid of the bright hue!



    Finally, in the box you’ll also find the quintessential of all men’s business wardrobes: the grey tie. Simple and versatile, dress it up or down with various pocket squares and lapel pins - this tie will be sure to get you from A to B.


    The Interview Ready Set



    Yellow is said to exude confidence and energy…and what more could you need for that all important interview? Our grey tie with yellow cross pattern is a subtle nod towards this eye-catching colour, with the yellow knitted pocket square taking it home fully. Paired with a navy suit you will be sure to be remembered for all the right reasons!



    This set also includes a twist on the classic navy tie. The navy and white dogtooth check tie is the perfect alternative to plain navy, keeping this wardrobe staple trendy. The navy and rose pocket square compliments it perfectly and along with a grey or navy suit, you’ll be ready for any business occasion.


    Check out our What to Wear to a Job Interview blog for more inspiration


    The Graduate Sophisticate Set



    Every man’s business wardrobe needs at least one exquisitely sophisticated look, for all those big events we wish we were attending. Despite the emptiness of your social calendar, it’s good to be prepared and who said that a man can only look suave on a special occasion?



    This traditional but trendy black and white herringbone tweed tie is the perfect base to any suited outfit, a staple that could take you from launch party to boardroom. Add a dark pink pocket square for an instantly dressier look or go full out and add a silver feather lapel pin instantly making you event ready…or just significantly better looking than your colleagues on a dismal Monday morning.




    Whilst navigating menswear can be difficult, we hope that these sets will make transitioning into business wear that little bit easier and trendier.

    What is key to remember is that no matter your tailored base, as long as the general colour scheme of your accessories and shirt appear different each day – you’re on to a winner.

    So, what are you waiting for, put that 20% off to good use and shop now using the code STUDENT20!



    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.


    Written by Laura Ines Wilson


  • How to suit up this winter

    November 7, 2018

    Winter is officially here! The clocks have gone back and the Christmas decorations are starting to appear! And that means it's time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe! The temperatures are really starting to drop, so Frederick Thomas London are here with our top tips on How to Suit up this Winter.




    Frederick Thomas London Top Tips


    Heavy Materials



    Heavy materials are going to be your best friend this winter! Invest and focus on materials such as tweed, wool, flannel and herringbone. You can buy suits or jackets in all these materials, even ties as well, to ensure that extra bit of warmth! Check out our collection of Frederick Thomas London Tweed & Wool Ties for inspiration!


    Double Breasted



    Double breasted jackets and coats are a must in the winter months. There is nothing worse than that ice cold wind making it's way inside your jacket! So wrap yourself up and button yourself in, a double breasted coat is a smart and practical winter wardrobe essential.





    Without sounding like your mum...don't forget your scarf! The scarf, gloves and hat combo might not be the most manly look, but it's definitely a smart move! In order to spruce up your knit-wear look, focus on leather gloves, rather than cotton/wool ones, for a more sophisticated look. Again, for a tidy and smart effect, learn how to tie your scarf in a slipknot (as shown in the picture above). Almost replicating your tie, for a guaranteed professional look.


    Boots rather than Brogues



    Sometimes brogues just won't do! A smart pair of leather boots, tucked underneath your suit trouser leg, will be able to battle the elements as well as keep your feet warm and dry! Check out our collection of Frederick Thomas London Cotton Socks - for even more warmth!





    If you'd rather not splash the cash on a brand new winter suit, then don't worry. Layering up will enable you to wear your favourite suit all year round. Vests are a great starting point when it comes to layering up, a long sleeve thermal vest will work wonders underneath your shirt. A smart knitted jumper over your shirt is also a great alternative, or combination for those extra cold days!


    Long in Length



    When it comes your outerwear, focus on length. A longer coat will keep your legs warmer as well as create a more professional look. Duffel, Kensington, mackintosh and overcoats are good starting points. Remember our first top tip though, stick to heavy materials!



    We hope our top tips will help you stay warm this winter. While you're here, why not check out some of our favourite Frederick Thomas London winter accessories!


    Featuring: Penguin Cufflinks, Red Knitted Christmas Tie, Stag Lapel Pin, Penguin Socks, Tweed Check Tie and Red Knitted Pocket Square 



    Browse our website to discover the rest of our winter accessories: Shop Now!


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.



    Written by Emily Watson

  • The weekend bag - a wardrobe essential

    November 2, 2018

    The weekend bag is a wardrobe must have, whether you're jetting off to sunnier climates or escaping to the countryside for the weekend. Our new range of travel bags will be the perfect accessory for your get away!




    We've got you sorted no matter the occasion! Here are a couple of our 'must haves' from the new Frederick Thomas London collection:


    The Weekend Bags for...Escaping to the Countryside



    Hunter Green and Orange Check Tweed Weekend Bag



    Perfect for your country retreat, made from bespoke tweed with leather handles and shoulder straps. A classic for that countryside look, timeless!


    Black and White Cowhide Weekend Bag



    Something a little different from the classic countryside look! Our cowhide weekend bag is a definite stand out piece. Made from natural soft cowhide, with leather handles and shoulder straps. Maybe avoid the fields with cows don't want any confusion!


    The Weekend Bags for...Jet-setting



    Light Blue Tweed Weekend Bag



    Simple and sophisticated, our light blue tweed bag is very versatile. Smart enough for a  weekend business trip, and relaxed enough for a quick trip away with the boys. Hand luggage has never been so stylish!



    Chocolate Brown Leather Weekend Bag 



    For a more professional look we recommend our beautiful chocolate brown leather bag. Made from bespoke leather with matching handles and shoulder straps for a smart and classic travel look. Stylish yet sturdy, and designed to comply with British Airways and Easyjet hand luggage rules.  You'll always be jetting off in style!


    The Weekend Bag for... a Romantic Weekend Away



    Pink Tweed Weekend Bag



    Treating your better half to a romantic weekend away? Our beautiful pink tweed travel bag is the perfect accessory. Exclusive to Frederick Thomas London, you can't find our beautiful designs anywhere else!



    Check out the rest of our new collection HERE


    To complete the look, have a browse of our beautiful matching wash bags as well!


    Loving our new collection? Why not sign up to the Frederick Thomas London Club, at the bottom of our homepage, for an exclusive offer of £40 off your favourite bag! (Perfect for Christmas!)


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.


    Written by Emily Watson

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