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  • Dressing with Sprezzatura

    September 18, 2018

    First of all, what is Sprezzatura?! Sprezzatura is the art of dressing carelessly, or at least seemly so! It's an Italian word, defined as looking effortless. It's almost a rebellious act on fashion, it undermines the accepted way of dressing. For example if you were to wear your tie the wrong way round, so that the narrow side of the blade is showing, that's Sprezzatura! Or if you haven't tucked your belt into your trouser belt loop, or fastener your tailored jacket, that's also Sprezzatura! Frederick Thomas London are here to help you find your own Sprezzatura style!



    How to Dress with Sprezzatura


    Take a look at a couple of modern ways you can dress with Sprezzatura.


    Who Cares



    Semi-formal with a hint carelessness. Think along the lines of textured fabrics such as a knitted tie, unstructured jackets, a scuffed up pair of shoes and a screwed up linen shirt. Anything to take away from the strictness of a the suit.


    Open Up



    If it can be unbuttoned, unbutton it (not too much though!). Your top shirt button, your tailored jacket, your shirt cuffs can all be undone. This gives a scruffy, yet still sophisticated, and always sexy look!


    Half Way There



    There are no rules about having to wear your tie, pocket square, cufflinks and lapel pin all at once. So don't! A popular look nowadays and good entry level of dressing with Sprezzature is to abandon the tie! A simple unbuttoned shirt under a tailored suit can created a relaxed and striking look. If you want to add a more formal touch, no need to reach for your tie just yet, try a pocket square or lapel pin by itself instead!



    Frederick Thomas London Top Tips


    Check our top tips of how to dress with Sprezzatura!



    Don't overdo it!

    Even though the literal definition of sprezzatura is to rebel and undermine the norms of fashion, remember that simplicity is sometimes the way forward . Keep your style subtle, focus on the smaller details rather than the overall shock factor.


    Don't Fall Into The Stereotype

    Don't dress exactly like an Italian basically, it's important to create your own look and style. Sprezzatura might have an Italian background but maybe stay away from the very fitted jackets, ankle skimming trousers and highly polished shoes!


    There Is A Time And A Place

    We love this style just as much as the next person, but remember that not ever occasion caters to sprezzatura. For example it's probably a good idea to turn up to a job interview wearing a tie and having polished shoes!


    Don't Think Too Hard About It

    It needs to come naturally, don't think too hard about it otherwise it just won't look right! If it's just not working then maybe keep a more traditional suited look. Have a look at our How to Suit Up this Autumn Blog for inspiration!




    Find your Sprezzatura Style : Shop Now!


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, Thank you for reading and see you next week.



    Written by Emily Watson


  • Business Awards Dinner Top Tips

    September 12, 2018

    The business awards season is just around the corner, the nominations will be flooding in, but what are you going to wear?! Frederick Thomas London are here with our top tips! We'll be giving you advice on how to suit up for less, express your individuality, do's and don'ts and how to get that conversation flowing with the unfamiliar work college you've been sat next to for the night!




    Frederick Thomas London Top Tips





    There is no need to splash the cash on a completely new suit every time you're invited to another awards dinner. Your favorite navy suit can be turned into a completely different look every time with a couple of different accessories. A new tie, pocket square, a pair of cufflinks, tie pin and even a pair of socks can drastically change your suit. You'll be worthy of a red carpet event without spending a small fortune! Check out our blog on How to Dress Expensive for Less for even more Frederick Thomas London Top Tips!




    Colour plays an important part in business, for example the colour of your tie. Your tie can imply a lot about your personality, so make sure your tie is saying what you want it to say about you, especially at that all important business awards dinner.






    Red is a high energy colour, usually suggesting power and strength. Famously Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is a keen supporter of the red tie in an attempt to express his assertiveness and power (you can make up your own mind on that one...!).





    Blue is a safe colour to wear in business, it implies you have a honest, trustworthy and dependable personality. You won't be standing out from the crowd but sometimes quite and confident is the way to go!





    Black is another powerful colour, but can also be quite an intimidating and unfriendly colour. So be careful how many black accessories you wear!


    To make sure you get the right colour balance why not have a look at our How to Match you Shirt with you Tie blog!





    Business awards dinners are usually a formal occasion, so it's important to understand what materials suit a black tie event. Sticking with a simple cotton suit is a safe beat but it can be easy to go wrong with your tie and accessories.


    Materials Do's



    Cotton, Linen and Silk are sophisticated and smart materials for your tie or pocket square. Stick to these materials for that professional look.


    Materials Don'ts



    Knitted, Tweed and Wool are more relaxed everyday materials for your tie and accessories, Dinner Awards are a great chance to get dressed up so why not dress to impress?!





    First and foremost, a polished shoe is a must! It goes without saying really but you'd be surprised how many men forget to do this or do it wrong. Make sure you have: Shoe polish, a brush for applying the polish, a clean brush to buff the shoes and a clean cloth to give the shoes a high shine.

    Secondly, new shoes on the day is a no go! Don't try and avoid the pain of polishing your shoes by buying a new pair! You might think you're really clever by doing this but you defiantly won't look clever when you fall face first as you're walking up on stage! A new shoe has no grip, therefore you'll be slipping all over the place. So make sure you're wearing your favorite pair when you go up to collect your award (don't be so modest, of course you'll win!).


    Wear something that you can talk about



    It's not all just about how good you look on the night, it's also about how well you perform on the night! A business awards dinner isn't the same as going on a night out with the lads! You have to conduct yourself in a different manor, be polite and talkative to work colleges that you're really not that close with. "What a great tie!" is always a fab first conversation starter, wear ties and accessories that really suit your personalty and will give you something to talk about on the night (within reason of course!). Read our blog on Ties to Start a Conversation to find out more on that perfect first conversation starter!



    Be Business Awards ready and have a browse of our website: Buy Now!


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, Thank you for reading and see you next week.



    Written by Emily Watson



  • What to Wear Goodwood Revival

    September 5, 2018

    The worlds most popular motor racing festival is just around the corner, The Goodwood Revival slides into gear on the 7th of September. Visitors enjoy dressing up for the occasion in an authentic vintage style, the whole experience is truly unique and breathtaking to be apart of.

    But is it your first time? Are you struggling on how to dress? Don't worry, Frederick Thomas London are here to help you on what to wear, and give you a little bit of history on this renowned event.




    The Goodwood Revival


    The Goodwood Revival is the celebration of motor racing in the 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's. It's the only historic race meeting to be staged entirely in period dress! The Revival was first opened in 1998 when the Earl of March drove the famous Bristol 400 around the circuit. The circuit was opened by his grandfather, the 9th Duke of Richmond, 50 years prior to this. The historic event has now become one of the worlds most celebrated historic motor racing events. Racing fans come from all over the country and the world to soak up the uniquely amazing atmosphere!




    What to Wear



    Most visitors wear appropriate period clothing at the event. So why not get involved?!


    Tweed, tweed and tweed!



    Tweed will always be a winner at this event. Ranging from tweed jackets, tweed flat caps, tweed suits and tweed ties.  You'll be fitting into the 1950's atmosphere nicely!





    As well as the tweed tie, pocket squares and lapel tins can also make a big impact on your Revival outfit. Add a bit of colour to all that tweed with our Green Flower Lapel Pin or our Purple Paisley Pocket Square





    A classic look is the suit – which would typically be made from tweed. Think along the lines of  muted colours, such as dark brown, grey or navy. Double-breasted blazers are a nice touch as well, as they rose to fame in the 1940's. Pair with single-pleated tweed trousers to ensure a winning look!


    Race Ready



    You won't be refused entry for not dressing 100% 1950's, so why not add a bit of fun to your outfit with our Frederick Thomas London Red Racecar Cufflinks. Perfect for any race enthusiast.



    You'll definitely be coming in First Place with our Frederick Thomas Accessories Shop Now!


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas, Thank you for reading and see you next week.


    Written by Emily Watson





  • How to Suit Up this Autumn

    August 29, 2018

    As the leaves start to turn, it's time to put away your linen ties and lightweight shirts. The new season is just around the corner, and it's time to turn your attention to your Autumn wardrobe. Frederick Thomas London are here to help you make the most of this beautiful time of year.


    Top Tips

    Layer Up

    The key to dressing for the Autumn weather is layering. You never know what the British weather will bring, so it's always best to have the option to take a layer off and add a layer on. Lightweight jumpers and scarfs are perfect for that layered look. But make sure they are made from good quality materials such as cotton and wool, as it will allow breathability for those warmer Autumn days.


    Look after your Shoes

    The Autumn doesn't only bring colder temperatures but also wetter weather, so it's important to invest and look after a good pair of shoes. We suggest leather loafers for work wear, smart and practical.


    Invest in Outerwear

    A good coat can perfectly frame your office outfit. We suggest a longer Kensingston style coat, ideal for warmth and keeping dry. Its creates an sophisticated look whilst also protecting your work attire.


    What to Wear?


    Wool and Cotton Suits

    Wool is a natural material, which means it breathes well, and can be worn both during the cooler and warmer autumnal days. A wool suits refers to tweed and flannel materials, ideal for standing out during the duller months. Cotton suits are also ideal for Autumn, choose heavier cottons though, so a cotton and wool blend. This helps the fabric to retain its silhouette and keep you smart and sophisticated during your working day.



    Tweed and Wool Ties



    It's time to switch up your ties now that the days are getting shorter. Heavier materials such as tweed and wool are perfect for the Autumn months.  Understated colours such as rust and darker greens and browns are also impactful during the season.


    Knitted Ties



    The knitted tie is a timeless accessory, as well as being very diverse. They can worn throughout all the seasons, but they are especially impressive in Autumn. Adding a knitted texture adds a softness to your tailoring that compliments the darker skies.


    Cotton Socks



    It's important to have good quality socks, keeping your feet warm as the temperature starts to drop is vital. Cotton socks are ideal, they are breathable while also warm. Keep to darker colours, unfortunately the time for pink flamingo socks has passed. It's now time for warmer darker colours such as maroon and navy.





    The change in seasons are great, it means you can really embrace the time of year through your accessories. We especially love our Stag Cufflinks, perfect for the autumnal days. Tie Pins are also a prominent accessory for the Autumn, a dark green or orange flower lapel pin against a tweed suit jacket is perfect for a different office look.



    Fancy getting your hands on £400 worth of Frederick Thomas London Autumn/Winter accessories?

    Sign up for our fortnightly Frederick Thomas Cub newsletter here  and you’ll automatically be entered into the competition.



    Making Suiting up this Autumn that bit easier!


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas, Thank you for reading and see you next week.


    Written by Emily Watson




  • Back to Work

    August 21, 2018

    September is Back to Work month! Your Hawaiian holiday seems like a distance memory now, the summer is drawing to a close and it's time to get back in the office! But don't get too down about those post holiday blues. Frederick Thomas London are here to help with our Back to Work Top Tips, ensuring you're refreshed and ready for the new business year!



    Frederick Thomas Top Tips


    Stay organised



    Staying organised is a big part of going back to the office. Reminding yourself of where you left off with your work, and packing your bag/lunch the night before are small acts but will really make a big difference. It will give you ease of mind, so Monday morning isn't such a stress.


    Focus on what you love



    Remind yourself of why you love your job! Write them down, make a list, and ask your boss if you can do more of it! Your boss wants you to succeed and do well, so don't be nervous about asking. You'll always succeed at doing a job you love.


    Transform your work space



    Just because your e-mail inbox is piled high with rubbish doesn't mean your desk has to be! Clean you desk space and turn it into a haven of calm, add a small house plant or purchase a new notebook.  A clean and clutter free desk will help you to stay calm and collected.


    Get back in contact with your work mates



    Send your work mates a text! You might not have spoken to them for a couple of months now, but sending them a quick message asking them about their holiday will start off the conversation nicely.  You can then both chat about how stressed you are about going back to work, a problem shared is a problem halved!


    Refresh your wardrobe



    Dress for the job you want, not the job you have! Refresh your wardrobe with some Frederick Thomas London accessories. You don't have to buy a whole new suit to ensure a new look, a couple of new ties and cufflinks will do the trick nicely. Check out our Blog on Ties to Start a Conversation for inspiration!


    Don't put off the bad jobs



    No one like replying to complaints e-mails but they've got to done unfortunately. Tackling the bad jobs at the start of your working day/week will allow you peace of mind. Having them looming over you while you work is never ideal.



    Why not get organised now and start browsing for your new work wardrobe! Visit and start shopping now!


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.


    Written by Emily Watson


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