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  • How to Dress Expensive for Less

    July 16, 2018

    The class and power that an beautiful tailored suit gives a man is undeniable, although the price tag might seem less appealing to most. But don't worry! Just because you haven't got cash to splash doesn't mean you have to be left behind. Frederick Thomas are here to help you shop smart, with our Top Tips to help you dress expensive for less!



    Frederick Thomas Top Tips


    Get the Fit Right

    While the richer man will be able to afford a whole wardrobe of tailored made suits, you might not...but don't lose hope! Most high-street shops now stock a range of 'tailored fit' suits and shirts. They might not be designed and tailored to you as an individual, but the 'tailored fit' has a more shaped waist and cleaner lines compared to a normal suit - allowing for a stylish and dapper silhouette.




    Fabric (Low Sheen)

    The fabric of your suit is another important factor to consider, especially when it comes to the amount of sheen. Sheen refers to how much light is reflected off the fibers in the fabric. Cheap fabrics have a high amount of sheen, so for example polyester has an especially high amount and that's what creates that horrible shine/glare in your suit. While more expensive fabrics tend to have a lower sheen. So make sure when you are suit shopping you are searching for fabrics with a lower sheen. A blend of fabrics will ensure you aren't spending an excessive amount while also ensuring a low sheen. For example a blend of cotton, wool, linen and tweed are perfect materials for ensuring zero shine.




    Become Best Friends with your Local Tailor

    Sometimes even the 'tailored fit' range might not do you justice, so becoming good friends with your local tailor is essential. Your local tailor is more likely to be cheaper than the in-house tailor at the shop that you bought the suit from. While befriending them might also mean even more money off! A tailor can work magic on a ill fitted suit, by simply replacing the buttons, adding a cuff to the ankle and taking in the sleeves on your jacket. Why not even just pop in for a chat with them to discuss ideas and prices.





    Stay away from loud and bright coloured cheap suits! Even though you might think you look awesome (I'm sure you do!), people will be more drawn to your suit and will be able to suss out it's cheap straight away. Stick more to classic colours, such as dark blue, black and grey. The darker colours will make it harder for your fellow colleagues or friends to spot any fabric flaws.



    Care for your Suit

    A high street suit will always need more attention and care than a tailor-made one. Rule number 1 is no heat! Heat will quickly turn your beloved matte suit into a shinny (high sheen!) mess. So stick to steaming, steaming is perfect for smoothing out those stubborn creases. Hangers are another important factor, wire hangers in the wardrobe are a no go, use wide-shouldered wooden hangers to maintain your suits natural shape. So make sure you invest in a good steamer and wooden coat hangers, an investment in your suit is an investment in you!





    Finally, the finishing touches to your suit can make and break the look. Frederick Thomas are specialists in ties and suit accessories. Explore our range of beautiful handmade accessories here


    Frederick Thomas


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas, we hope our top tips help you get that expensive look that you deserve!

  • Packing Tips for your Business Trip

    July 5, 2018

    Staying ahead of the game is essential in the business world, preparation and planning are always your best friend! This also applies those business trips away. Knowing what to pack can be half the struggle, but if you get it right it can be one less thing to stress about - so you can really focus on that important business pitch!

    When packing for your business trip, the biggest thing you can do is to decide what needs to go with you, and what can stay at home.




    First and foremost, you need to think about which bag you are going to bring. One trip, one bag! It can be easy to over pack, but if you bring a small bag that can be used as hand luggage then you have no choice but to pack light!

    Frederick Thomas Weekend Bag

    A weekend bag is smart and trendy. Explore our range of high quality, travel bags. Our tweed, leather and cowhide weekend bags are stylish as well as spacious; the perfect accessory for your business trip.

    Packing Tips


    The essentials!!


    1) Roll, don't fold!


    Rolling clothes is always better than folding them, they take up much less space and are less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases.


    2) Make a list


    Really thinking about the essentials will ensure there is no last minute impulse packing. Try to start thinking about the packing process a couple of days before your departure date. Creating a list also means you won't be panicking at the airport because you've forgotten your business pitch notes, it's the fail-safe way to pack!


    3) Pack accessories rather than whole outfits


    You want to ensure you aren't wearing the same outfit to every client lunch and pitch, but packing different whole outfits can really take up that valuable baggage space. But the same suit and shirt can be turned into a completely new outfit with the right accessories. Check out our range of ties, pocket squares, accessories, socks and cufflinks to help jazz up that navy suit and white shirt.


    4) Fill dead space


    You want to make sure you are always maximising every inch of your bag space. So rolling up pants, socks, ties and other small items and placing them in your shoes will help to ensure every possible space is filled.


    5) Wear your heavy items


    Obviously don't turn it into a game of how many clothes can I wear at once! But think about wearing that heavy suit jacket to the airport rather than packing it.


    6) Check the weather


    You don't want to be packing your tweed jacket if your destination is going to be 30 degrees, so make sure you check the weather before hand so you know what to pack. Check out our blog on How to Suit Up this Summer to stay cool and collected abroad.


    You should be ready for departure now! From all of us at Frederick Thomas, we hope our packing tips help you have a successful and stress-free business trip.


  • What to wear to Wimbledon

    July 3, 2018

    Wimbledon is a world famous tennis tournament that attract some of the most stylish men across the country, including the likes of David Beckham, Prince William and David Gandy. So be sure to dig out your best suit and tie for this event!

    Sometimes it can be hard to know what to wear, factoring in both style and staying cool is always a challenge. So here at Fredrick Thomas we have created a Wimbledon Style Guide for our lovely readers, to ensure you are serving up that winning Ace.


    Wimbledon Wimbledon

    Style Guide

    There isn't actually a strict dress code for Wimbledon, although traditionally gentlemen wear a suit and tie during the event.  The worlds best sports tournament is also the world best-dressed sports tournament, therefor your outfit of choice is even more important.




    A matching plain suit is always the perfect canvas to accessories on. Colours such as beige and navy are perfect, paired with a crisp white shirt for a clean and sophisticated look.

    Frederick Thomas Suit Frederick Thomas Suit



    Our Royal Blue Knitted Tie is one of our favourites, knitted ties are great because they can be worn in the summer and winter. Wimbledon is defiantly a time to stand out from the crowd,  the bright shade of royal blue will definitely do this for you.

    Royal Blue Knitted Tie - Frederick Thomas Royal Blue Knitted Tie - Frederick Thomas

    Frederick Thomas has a wide range of ties from you to choose from though, linen and cotton ties are especially desirable in this heatwave.

    Make sure you check out the rest of our collection here. 

    Frederick Thomas Ties Frederick Thomas Ties



    Sometimes it's hard to express your individuality in a plain navy suit, but we think socks give you the chance to show your uniqueness. From a simple stripe to pink flamingos, Wimbledon welcomes all kinds of socks so take your pick!

    Have a browse at our variety of men's socks here.

    Frederick Thomas Socks Frederick Thomas Socks



    Of course it's got to be our tennis racket cufflinks! Simple and sophisticated, and PERFECT for Wimbledon. Tie together your outfit with these beautiful pair of cufflinks.

    Check out the rest of our range of cufflinks here.

    Silver Tennis Racket Cufflinks - Frederick Thomas Silver Tennis Racket Cufflinks - Frederick Thomas


    Pocket Squares


    In need of a cool down? Pocket Squares don't have to add extra bulk or heat to your outfit, so cotton and linen pocket squares are a must this Wimbledon.

    Have a look at the rest of our collection of pocket squares here. 

    Frederick Thomas Pocket Squares Frederick Thomas Pocket Squares

    From all of us at Frederick Thomas, we hope you have an amazing time at Wimbledon.

  • Henley Royal Regatta Style Guide

    June 26, 2018

    Henley Royal Regatta is ones of the most famous regattas in the world, located in Henley-on-Thames it attracts thousands of boats, competitors and spectators every year. So be sure to make the most of this amazing event and dress to impress with the help of our Henley Royal Regatta Style Guide.


    Enclosures - what to wear


    Steward's Enclosure

    This enclosure is reserved for members and their guests only.  There is a strict dress code in the Steward's enclosure due to it's exclusivity. Gentleman are asked to wear either a lounge suit or jacket and chinos, teamed with a shirt and tie. Straw Hats are optional.


    Regatta Enclosure

    The Regatta Enclosure has a more relaxed 'smart casual' dress code, although you are always encouraged to dress your best. This enclosure is open to competitors, supporters and the general public. Ties aren't essential but a chinos and a smart jacket and shirt would do perfectly.


    Style Guide


    The rules can sometimes be vague and hard to imagine, so here at Fredrick Thomas we have handmade a special Henley Royal Regatta Style Guide for you - ideal for both enclosures.



    Striped Blazer Striped Blazer

    A classic striped regatta blazer is perfect for Henley. You might have your own Rowing Blazer but if you don't, you can easily pick up a smart striped blazer on the high street. If you're not a fan of the bold strips a simple but sophisticated navy blazer will do the trick as well.



    Chinos Chinos

    Sport a pair of the classic Chinos with your Blazer at this years regatta. They are light and breathable, perfect for the summer heat while also keeping you smart and sophisticated. Just like the striped blazer you can you can go all out with the colour, bright red is very popular at the moment. But if you'd rather keep it classic, a stone or beige pair of chinos are equally ideal.



    Deck Shoes Deck Shoes

    You definitely can't go wrong with a signature pair of Deck Shoes, no question!



    White Shirt White Shirt

    A simple formal shirt is perfect for underneath your blazer, keep it light and white this summer to ensure you are keeping cool in the atmosphere of the Regatta. A simple one colour shirt also means more room for accessories.



    Straw Hat Straw Hat

    Straw Hats aren't essential but if you want to achieve that classic Henley Royal Regatta look we think it's a must!




    You defiantly can't go wrong with striped and nautical themed accessories for Henley Royal Regatta. So here are some of our favourite regatta ready accessories:



    Frederick Thomas Ties Frederick Thomas Ties

    Featuring: Striped Anchor Tie, Sailing Boat Tie, Green and Navy Striped Tie and Skinny Knitted Anchor Tie



    Frederick Thomas Cufflinks Frederick Thomas Cufflinks

    Featuring: Sailing Boats Cufflinks, Ship Wheel Cufflinks, Anchor Cufflinks and Ship Cufflinks 



    Frederick Thomas Socks Frederick Thomas Socks

    Featuring: Anchor Socks, Red and Green Stripe Socks, Aqua Blue Socks, Blue and Red Check Socks 


    Pocket Squares

    Frederick Thomas Pocket Squares Frederick Thomas Pocket Squares

    Featuring: Anchor Pocket Square, Striped Pocket Square, Nautical Pocket Square and Royal Blue Pocket Square


    So there you go, our official Henley Royal Regatta Style Guide!

    From all of us at Frederick Thomas, Happy Rowing.

  • How to Suit Up this Summer

    June 19, 2018

    As the temperatures rise it's important to nail that summer suit. Whether you're suiting up for work, a wedding or a party, every little detail is essential. Let Frederick Thomas help you stay cool and collected this summer with our Summer Style Guide.

    Frederick Thomas Frederick Thomas

    Top Tips

    Focus on material and colour!



    Material plays an important role in keeping cool. Seeking lightweight materials allows breathability. Cotton is ideal for the summer heat, their natural fibres allow air to circulate and move freely through the fabric.

    Cotton Cotton



    The darker the material the more heat it attracts and contains. Keep the colours light and fresh so to reflect the heat.

    Summer Suit Summer Suit

    Style Guide


    Sometimes there is simply no avoiding wearing a tie. It's not ideal in the blazing heat but it's no worry if you know how to get around it. Our yellow linen tie is perfect for the summer, the light colour will reflect the sun whilst also complimenting the beautiful weather. It's also made of linen so won't feel heavy and it will be breathable around the neck.


    Our collection of Frederick Thomas cotton ties also have the same benefits. Our pink floral and paisley tie is great for making a fashion statement while also staying cool. Check out our whole range of Cotton and Linen Ties, we have a variety of colours and designs to choose from.



    Socks also play a important role in helping you stay fresh in the heat and in fashion. They are the latest trend, available in every colour and design you can think of. But make sure you aren't too distracted by the funky designs, the material of the sock is vital for keeping cool this summer. Cotton is always the way forward, it's lightweight, cool and very durable. Our collection of Frederick Thomas Socks are all made of 70% cotton. Depending on your mood you can keep it simple with a pair of grey weaved socks or you can really get into that summer mood with our pink flamingo socks.

    Frederick Thomas Socks Frederick Thomas Socks

    Pocket Squares

    Who ever said pocket squares are a no go in the summer? We love pocket squares and if you get the right one they don't need to add any extra bulk to your suit. Linen and cotton pocket squares are perfect for taking on the summer heat, as well as expressing your individuality through our variety of designs. We suggest our range of 100% linen pocket squares that can be matched with our linen ties to create an extra sense of sophistication.

    Frederick Thomas Pocket Square Frederick Thomas Pocket Square


    Cufflinks are another great way of expressing your individual style and personality without the added weight. Our collection of cufflinks cover a range of styles and designs.

    Frederick Thomas Cufflinks Frederick Thomas Cufflinks

    We hope this helps you make the essential finishing touches to your summer wardrobe.


    From all of us at Frederick Thomas, we hope you have an amazing summer!










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