Dressing with Sprezzatura

First of all, what is Sprezzatura?! Sprezzatura is the art of dressing carelessly, or at least seemly so! It's an Italian word, defined as looking effortless. It's almost a rebellious act on fashion, it undermines the accepted way of dressing. For example if you were to wear your tie the wrong way round, so that the narrow side of the blade is showing, that's Sprezzatura! Or if you haven't tucked your belt into your trouser belt loop, or fastener your tailored jacket, that's also Sprezzatura! Frederick Thomas London are here to help you find your own Sprezzatura style!



How to Dress with Sprezzatura


Take a look at a couple of modern ways you can dress with Sprezzatura.


Who Cares



Semi-formal with a hint carelessness. Think along the lines of textured fabrics such as a knitted tie, unstructured jackets, a scuffed up pair of shoes and a screwed up linen shirt. Anything to take away from the strictness of a the suit.


Open Up



If it can be unbuttoned, unbutton it (not too much though!). Your top shirt button, your tailored jacket, your shirt cuffs can all be undone. This gives a scruffy, yet still sophisticated, and always sexy look!


Half Way There



There are no rules about having to wear your tie, pocket square, cufflinks and lapel pin all at once. So don't! A popular look nowadays and good entry level of dressing with Sprezzature is to abandon the tie! A simple unbuttoned shirt under a tailored suit can created a relaxed and striking look. If you want to add a more formal touch, no need to reach for your tie just yet, try a pocket square or lapel pin by itself instead!



Frederick Thomas London Top Tips


Check our top tips of how to dress with Sprezzatura!



Don't overdo it!

Even though the literal definition of sprezzatura is to rebel and undermine the norms of fashion, remember that simplicity is sometimes the way forward . Keep your style subtle, focus on the smaller details rather than the overall shock factor.


Don't Fall Into The Stereotype

Don't dress exactly like an Italian basically, it's important to create your own look and style. Sprezzatura might have an Italian background but maybe stay away from the very fitted jackets, ankle skimming trousers and highly polished shoes!


There Is A Time And A Place

We love this style just as much as the next person, but remember that not ever occasion caters to sprezzatura. For example it's probably a good idea to turn up to a job interview wearing a tie and having polished shoes!


Don't Think Too Hard About It

It needs to come naturally, don't think too hard about it otherwise it just won't look right! If it's just not working then maybe keep a more traditional suited look. Have a look at our How to Suit Up this Autumn Blog for inspiration!




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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.



Written by Emily Watson


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