How to dress for the job you want

What you wear to work can have a significant impact on your confidence, and therefore your performance in the office. Colleagues and employees will make snap judgments on your professionalism based on your attire. So don't limit dressing for success just in your job interview, dress for success all year round! Start off your year in style. Let Frederick Thomas London guide you through our top tips on how to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.



Frederick Thomas London Top Tips


If your new years resolution is to dress better then you've come to the right place. In order to dress for the job you want you'll need to focus on a couple of things;





Colour plays an important role in what your outfit says about you. Famously red is perceived as the colour of power and strength. Similarly black is another striking and powerful colour. So if your looking to assert your dominance and capability in the office, focus on red and black tones. On the other side of the scale, colours such as blue and yellow convey trust and optimism. If your looking for a more friendly and uplifting approach then these colours are ideal.

Read our our blog on how to match your shirt with your tie to ensure your not clashing.


Small details



Its the small details that make the most impact. A beautiful pair of cufflinks or pocket square shows you've gone the extra mile. It's important to make that little bit of extra effort in everything you do, from your work to your attire.


Preparation is key



Trying to construct an outfit masterpiece, that encompasses both power and optimism, at 7am in the morning is always going to be a struggle. So planning your attire in advance will help you to maximize your mornings. Have a dress rehearsal at the weekends so you can simply throw on and go!


Focus on the fit



An ill-fitted suit is a definite no go if you're looking for a sharp sophisticated look. The class and power that an beautiful tailored suit bestows on a man is undeniable, although the price tag is somewhat less appealing! But most high-street shops stock a range of 'tailored fit' suits, so there's no excuse! Alternatively a tailor can work magic on a ill fitted suit, by simply replacing the buttons, adding a cuff to the ankle and taking in the sleeves on your jacket.


Staying up to date



Finally, make sure you aren't committing those common style mistakes in the office, a creased shirt won't help in asserting your professionalism. So remember, polish your shoes, don't wear white socks and avoid short sleeve shirts at all costs!



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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.



Written by Emily Watson

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