What to wear to a job interview


If the stress of a job interview isn't quite enough, the stress of what to wear will definitely leave you on edge! But Frederick Thomas London are here to help! With our top tips and style advice on what to wear to your job interview, you'll be a shoe in for the job!




Frederick Thomas London Top Tips



Do your homework

If you don't know much about the company it's a good idea to do a little research before the interview. Check out their website to try and get a vibe for the company! If their homepage is painfully serious and dull, then a plain black/navy suit and tie is the way to go. But if it's a a more lively and interactive media website then a casual smart look will do the trick! Always do your homework!


Keep it simple

You want the interviewer to be focusing on all your amazing attributes, not your pink flamingo tie! So keep it simple, ensure all the focus is on you and what you can bring to the organisation! Plain block colours are a safe bet. Let your personality do the talking, not your suit!


Dress rehearsal

Don't leave it till the morning of the interview to decided what to wear! Odds are that an outfit that looks good in your head, won't live up to your expectations once your actually wearing it! So why not have a dress rehearsal at the weekend?! Try your interview attire on, from your tie to your socks, it will be one less thing to worry about on the day!


All about the detail

The small details are the ones that count! Comb your hair, polish your shoes, iron your shirt and even floss your teeth (you don't want your mornings breakfast upstaging you!). Pay attention to your accessories as well, a beautiful pair of cufflinks or a silk pocket square can make a big impact!



What to wear to your interview - depending on the job


There are few jobs now a days that require a full on suit and tie, let Frederick Thomas London  help you get the right looks for the right job!


Business Professional



Suits are the norm! If your going for an interview at a finance office, banking firm or estate agents it's presumed that suiting up is a must. But all organisations are different, so check with your individual employer, if they describe themselves as business professionals then think suits! Make sure you include a smart tie, polished dress shoes, a block coloured shirt and smart navy or black suit.


Business Casual



Suits aren't always essential for interviews. Still think along the lines of a smart ironed shirt though. But without a tie, buttoned down and with a pair of chinos instead of a full on trouser suit. Jobs within creative media agency's take a more casual approach to work attire. But again, check with you company.





If your office describes themselves as having a casual dress code then lucky you! But don't take advantage of this luxury! It's still a good idea to turn up to the interview in a smart shirt and clean shoes, but a pair of dark jeans will be allowed. But best to keep the jumper and trainers for once you've got the job offer!



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From all of us at Frederick Thomas London, thank you for reading and see you next week.



Written by Emily Watson


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